Mystery Guitar
Mystery Guitar is located in Santa Cruz, California, and has been handcrafting custom guitars since 1998.  We specialize in semi-hollow neck-through body electric guitars (and custom electric mandolins, lap steels, and baritones) for the player who seeks a truly handmade electric instrument at an extremely fair price

We are also happy to tackle custom body shapes, inlay, and marquetry upon request. 

If you are looking for one of the same mass-produced electric guitars that everybody else is playing, this probably isn't the site for you.  If you love love love wood and  love unique guitars with a diversity of tones, come on in...

Take a look through the guitar galleries which follow, and check out the Custom Shop page.  If you see (or imagine) something you like, please get in touch.

--Ted Fairbanks

semihollow double cutaway mandala marquetry inlay
doubleneck guitar mandolin semihollow neck through body crop circle pearl inlay

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