Merlin Baritone
Semihollow mahogany body
Bookmatched figured cocobolo cap
3-piece neck through body
26 fret ebony fingerboard, 30" scale
Rio Grande humbuckers with taps
Sperzel locking tuners
Hardtail Schaller bridge with adjustable
  string spacing
Tuned B-E-A-D-F#-B
Merlin Mandolin
Hollow mahogany body
Bookmatched cocobolo/zebrawood cap
Ebony fingerboard
Grover tuners
Lace humbucker with coil tapping
Fishman active acoustic bridge pickup
Uses ball end strings for infinite selection
Optional stereo or dual-mono outputs
Merlin Doubleneck
Semihollow alder body
Maple burl cap
5-piece through body guitar neck
3-piece set mandolin neck
24 fret rosewood guitar fingerboard, 24" scale
Duncan JB/Jazz (guitar)
Duncan Hot Rails (mandolin)

Stacked volumes & stacked tones (guitar)
Stacked volume/tone (mandolin)

Black ice onboard overdrive (guitar)
On/off mini switches for each instrument
Optional stereo or dual mono outputs
Grover tuners


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