Dove of Peace

Chambered neck-through body short scale guitar with a figured maple cap, ebony fingerboard, and dove inlay.                             

Body style:  Unicorn
Scale:  24"
Neck:  5-piece figured maple w/
        purpleheart stringers
Hardware:  Sealed Gotoh tuners,
        Duncan JB/Jazz w/coil tapping,
        Roller tunematic bridge, 
        Stop tailpiece.

Chambered neck-through body short scale guitar with an exotic wood mandala cap and 24-fret rosewood fingerboard

Body style: Double Cut
Scale:  24"
Neck: 7-piece quilt maple, pur-
       pleheart, & padauk
Hardware:  Gotoh 510 tuners
      Duncan JB/Jazz
      Roller tunematic,
      Strings through body
Short Scale Guitar Gallery
Why short scale? Imagine tuning your full sized guitar down a half-step and putting a capo on the first fret... Tuning is the same, but the frets are closer together and the strings are a little looser & more bendy.  Some players who aren't very tall prefer this size as well.
  "Maple Leaf"
Chambered set neck short scale guitar with bookmatched Brazilian rosewood leaves in a figured maple cap.

Body style: Double Cut
Scale:  24"
Neck: Set 5-piece figured maple
       with cocobolo stringers &
       rosewood fingerboard
Hardware: Grover tuners
       Duncan P-Rails with "Triple
       Shot" switching rings
       Tone-Pros tunematic  wrap-
       around bridge.

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